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United States District Court Eastern District of Virginia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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The lawyers at Terry Frank Law frequently act as local counsel in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (“EDVA”). While we regularly appear in all divisions, our office is in walking distance to the Spottswood W. Robinson III and Robert R. Merhige, Jr., Federal Courthouse in Richmond, Virginia.


The Eastern District, nicknamed the “Rocket Docket” for its speed and efficiency, requires that all foreign attorneys associate with qualified local counsel (EDVA Local Rule 83.1). Unlike many other federal courts, local counsel in the Eastern District are required to accompany foreign attorneys to all appearances, including hearings, pretrial conferences and trial, sign all pleadings (the signatures of pro hac vice counsel are optional) and be familiar with the substantive issues. Indeed, Local Rule 83.1(D)(3) specifically states the local attorney “shall have such authority that the Court can deal with the attorney alone in all matters connected with the case. Such appearance shall not be withdrawn without leave of the Court.”


Foreign attorneys in need of local counsel assistance in the Eastern District of Virginia should contact Terry Frank Law. Our lawyers are deeply knowledgeable in litigating cases in the EDVA and have a commanding grasp of the EDVA’s Local Rules, and the various filing and service requirements unique to the various divisions (Alexandria, Richmond and Norfolk/Newport New) and judges.

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