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While adoption is usually an exciting experience, it can also be overwhelming as there are specific and complex laws governing the process. There are several types of adoptions in Virginia:

ADoptions Services

  • Agency adoptions.
  • Non-agency adoptions.
  • Parental placement adoptions, where the family is chosen by the child's parent.
  • Step-parent or same-sex couple adoptions are another form of non-agency adoptions, in which the spouse of a birth parent formally adopts the child.
  • Relative adoptions- where a relative of the child adopts. They can be rather simple if uncontested and a birth parent consents; or complicated if a birth parent will not consent or the whereabouts are unknown.
  • Adult adoptions – adoptions of individuals over 18.

Even in the most uncomplicated adoption situations, however, a court requires prospective parents to meet certain legal requirements, as well as complete and file a significant amount of paperwork to finalize an adoption. No matter the type of adoption, you will want an attorney’s assistance as you navigate the legal aspects of adoption. The attorneys at Terry Frank Law can help you with the process, so you can focus less on the legal components and more on the joy associated with the adoption.

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