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Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Healthcare Power of Attorney Similar to a financial durable power of attorney, this document allows you to grant an agent to make decisions for your personal health care, medical treatment and residential placement should you be unable to do so. You can outline wishes for long term or hospice care, grant access to medical records, and other health related decisions.


Advanced Medical Directive, or “Living Will”

This estate planning document memorializes your wishes as to life-saving or life-prolonging measures.


HIPAA Authorization

Most of us are familiar with this document which authorizes the release of medical records to named individuals of your choosing which are otherwise
protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.


Organ Donation Directive

With an organ donation directive, you can express your wishes regarding the donation of your organs, tissue or body after your death. You can also determine the extent of your donation, whether it be used for transplantation purposes only, medical research or both.

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